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The composer and producer of digital music known as DJ Mr. President has released his latest electronic dance single, “Free.” The single has been proudly published on the We Boom Bap Records independent music label, entirely without adulteration from the corporate music power structure. Pure, stylish, and full of rhythm and futuristic groove, “Free” from DJ Mr. President is an electronica dance single DJs at every club and dance party will want to incorporate into their standard play lists.

DJ Mr. President’s single, “Free” has been variously tagged at online music stores as electronic dance music, pop music and dance-pop music. While this seems to emphasize a theme that is heavy on the nightclub sound, DJ Mr. President’s cited influences include elements of many subgenres which will appeal to fans of other kinds of music, including house, hip hop, Latin, and reggae to name a few.

Speaking of the themes of his latest track, DJ Mr. President writes, “The single ‘Free’ refers to a time in all of our lives where we can reflect on being carefree and living life to the fullest. The song sends the message of that carefree feeling still residing in all of us. Let go, listen, dance and be Free.

Free by DJ Mr. President


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