USA // Corona, New York



I’m tired of putting limit on who or what I portray myself as… putting myself in a neat little box to make it easy for everyone else but me to understand what it is I do. I do a lot of things… Song Writer, Producer, Audio Engineer, Graphic Designer, Taste Maker and Loyal friend if you ever get the privilege of getting that close to me. Ask me my opinion and you will will get it, I DON’T SUGAR COAT SHIT! BUT for the most part I’m a nice guy LOL easy to approach and professional. I’m one of those people that are always working. Whether it’s writing a new project or building my clothing brand *THE TRU$TED FEW* I seldom take a day off. I work with other artists, I consult them, I help them build their brands from artwork, to photography, down to mixing and mastering their music. That’s how I pay my bills. At the end of the day I’m just a creative person… an idea man… A leader in this new creative renaissance… I’ve been doing “ART” for what seems like my whole life. So in a nutshell this page is me… unadulterated and uncapped.




Email kboog.trustedfew@gmail.com

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