Chip Fu




An accomplished master in the marriage of rhythm and flow, Chip-Fu is one of the few underground composers and performers dedicated to spreading the indubitable significance of Hip-Hop and Reggae music. “Those who listen to what’s mainstream and call it Hip-Hop are sadly misled”, the Brooklyn native once stated in an interview; “My objective is and always has been to abstain from cookie cutter material. The public needs something fresh, Organic & Real”.

A universal storyteller and lyrical engineer, Chip’s high mark does not revolve around creating a simple song. His primary ambition is to deliver an art piece that is then transformed into an audible experience for anyone who listens. As a result of this implemented philosophy, Chip-Fu has accomplished the meticulous feat of delivering flavorful, wisdom-laced messages without sacrificing a drop of authenticity.

As of now Chip’s work continues as an artist, mentor and community champion, but above all he hopes that people take away the following from his life and his work. “I want to be remembered for my contributions to humanity through various mediums. Not just one-dimensional. Sure, many of us are duplicated and imitated in our own form of expression, but its only when we understand our personal purpose and reason for walking the planet that we in turn become untouchable. Fluid. Creative. That’s me.




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